We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Rapid Buyers.

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The team was very accommodating to my time and they followed through on everything!


“I was in distress, the property needed a lot of help. Rapid Buyers did everything they could to make things comfortable and made it all better. They’re a good company and they’ll do you right!”


“He was able to answer questions above and beyond what we should have expected. We felt confident and relaxed working with him. Justin’s greatest characteristic is following through.”

The Jacobsons

“Communication was excellent. Very professional but friendly. You were always able to answer all of our questions. We would definitely recommend you! “

Brad and Anne

“They gave me what I wanted and what I needed. It went as smooth as butter!”


[Our tenants destroyed our rental house so we decided to call Justin]  From the first day it was great! All my questions were answered, you couldn’t ask for anything better!

Craig and Carol

“I wanted a fresh start in a new area, [getting cash for my house is letting me do that.] Justin will actually go out of his way to help you out!”


It was really fast, I was totally amazed. I couldn’t ask for better! I was really happy!


It’s a good experience especially if you want to get cash for your house. Everyone needs an opportunity to have different choices and experiences and this has been a great experience.



It was easy! It was extremely smooth. It didn’t take much.

They do all the work! Good communication. I would tell [people looking into doing business with Rapid Buyers] to go for it. No regrets!


[Relocation assistance] put us at ease…now we are sitting on that money  to help with a future down payment for our next house.

Elisha & Jason

I can’t tell you how smooth the process went! …We got the price we needed in the timeframe that we needed…It couldn’t have worked out better. I’m really glad I ran into you guys!